The Beauty of Taiwan Bird Feather Series

Taiwan Feiyu, a cute passer, is rare and precious.
Series of products, invite you to enjoy the beauty of Taiwan.

Taiwan, my beloved beautiful treasure island, has rich resources since ancient times, and has bred countless beautiful scenery and unique native species. The unique beauty of Taiwan is deeply impressive and amazing.

ISUN upholds the spirit of MIT, which is as firm as a mountain, and gives you a glimpse of the truth and beauty of Taiwan. It has a panoramic view of Taiwan ’s all-encompassing beauty. ISUN craftsmanship records Taiwan with a stick, marking the pride of exclusive Taiwanese, with the theme of Taiwan ’s beauty series, Create a sturdy and practical rod that is worth collecting!

The theme of design style-Feather Series

B01 Polygonaceae, B02 Crane, B03 Starling, B04 Titidae, B05 Peperomia, B06 Shrike, B07

B08 Albatross B09 Broodstock B10 Finch B11 Woodpecker B12 Black-faced Spoonbill B15 Blue-bellied Cormorant B16

B17 Zhu Xi B18 Gray Forest Owl B19 Sparrowhawk B20 Yellow-billed Horn Owl B21 Glaucidium brodiei B22 Lanyu Cape Owl