About ISUN


ISUN was established in 1992, it mainly sells trekking poles, walking sticks, ski poles, snowboards and sporting goods. In the beginning, ISUN was only the five-person factory major in OEM export to Japan and then expanded to the European market.
ISUN is Taiwan's "pole and cane manufacture expert". With over two decades of experience ISUN has been devoted to the research and innovate of "pole and cane " related technologies. Its innovation and technology are leading the industry of poles and canes.

ISUN has own brand "ISUN SPORTS" that provides the best service. ISUN not only continually maintain our all products but also manage in use Japan, Europe and Taiwan markets, that is desired your the most trustworthy walking poles and medical canes that you go out with nature totally relying on ISUN.

100% Made in Taiwan represent the excellent quality.

Upholding the spirit of perseverance-" take the world of view ",

Made in Taiwan, quality control, develop diversified products and customized satisfaction.

We are manufacturers of poles, sticks and canes in Taiwan that create extraordinary value-quality with professional technology and exquisite craftsmanship.