The Beauty of Taiwan Flowers Series

Taiwan flowers are gorgeous and  fresh.all of time.
Series products, invite you to enjoy the beauty of Taiwan flowers.

Ilha Formosa! Taiwan, my beloved beautiful treasure island, has rich resources since ancient times. It contains countless beautiful scenery and unique native species. 

The unique beauty of Taiwan flower is deeply touching and amazing.

ISUN upholds the spirit of MIT, which is as firm as a mountain, and gives you a glimpse of the truth and beauty of Taiwan. It has a panoramic view of Taiwan ’s all-encompassing beauty. ISUN craftsmanship records Taiwan with a stick, marking the pride of exclusive Taiwanese, with the theme of Taiwan ’s beauty series Create a sturdy, practical and collectible stick with your heart!

Product theme design style-flower series

F01 Oil Tung Flower F02 Sunflower F03 Daffodil F04 Bird of Paradise F05 Dendrobium Orchid F06 Rose
F07 Sakura F08 Tulip F09 Plum F10 Azalea F11 Kapok F12 Phoenix